On this site you will find our song repertoire database and some information about us and our members. Please visit our Facebook page for details about upcoming events. We have CD's available for purchase through CDBaby and Itunes. Subscribe to our mailing list for important announcements. Send an email to: fans-subscribe@lostnomadsmusic.com

About Us...

The Lost Nomads are a Middle-Eastern music ensemble located in Raleigh, NC. They have played at a number of venues around central North Carolina including festivals, restaurants, bellydance events, etc. The Lost Nomads were established back in 2008, and have been making the music ever since, and enjoying every minute of it. Their music is featured on the bellydance instructional DVDs "Foundations of Raqs Sharqi: Technique and Isolations for Belly Dance Level 1" and "Fabulous FanveilZZ Volume 2".

Contact Us

For booking or other info please contact info@lostnomadsmusic.com